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One advantage of working late: watching the sun set from the office rooftop.

Fuck, my tea.

me approximately an hour after every time I make tea (via madopiano)


And While We Were Here (2012)

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I would have loved to travel more as a child. If they ever come back I will be paying the best money to get front row seats! It's very nice to meet you too Alex :)


get mosh! I would’ve loved to be in mosh for it, but still with the tickets we got right up the back, it was an incredible experience! hahah a belated introduction of sorts, wouldn’t you say? you should probably get tumblr(something else?) so these conversations can be more easily kept up :)

It was a great birthday present that I would love to do over again sometime. You've done so much traveling! Must have been exciting to see all new places and experience new things. I was in Canada when they played here it was so sad that I didn't get to go, hopefully they'll come back soon and I'll get to experience them live! Also, I feel the need to introduce myself. My name is Aidan


I’m definitely in a lucky position to have travelled so much (considering most of it was before I turned 18). DEFINITELY try and see them!!! one of the best concerts I’ve been to!
That’s a good point: it’s very nice to meet you Aidan, I’m Alex :)

I've been to Germany as a kind of family holiday and I went to Canada for my 19th birthday but other than that I haven't done much traveling at all, have you done much? Ahhh I love Arctic Monkeys and The 1975!!! I enjoy One Direction too, when it comes on the radio I admit I turn it up a little haha


Canada for your birthday!? that’s pretty great hahah i’ve done a fair bit with my family: New Zealand, England (twice), France, Germany, Holland, and Florida … it’s always kind of ridiculous when i list all the countries hahah wow. 

hell yeah!! Arctic Monkeys are brilliant! i saw them in May this year, ahhh so so great. YES!! that’s just a bit great to hear i have to say! gotta love ‘em